My Experience

This is how I experienced my take on menstruation I do not remember how old I was but I had to use the bathroom really bad and my sister was using it so I knocked and she told me to go away but  could not leave because I was going to run in there right when she was done so I stood right outside I heard her get up and I barged in the door I looked in the toilet and it was a red tissue and I asked her was she ok and she laughed at me so I laughed back and all she told me that it happens to every girl its called your period. That’s all she told me I had to learn the rest from my mom later that day. That is when I found out that most girls are not in good moods and that it was for a week. I learned later in life that girls get cramps from their periods and that they find out from their blood. I honestly give women a lot of credit for all of the hard things they go through in life one of them is having a period also giving birth those are two tough things most women go through in their life. But one interesting fact that I learned about women that one of my friends told me was that if you are obese you might not get your period I just thought that was a interesting fact.


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