Human Trafficking

In our world today i think there is a .9% chance of stopping human trafficking completely. The reason why i say this is because in other countries the government or police does not have a lot of power where they can stop human trafficking completely also there will always be people we do not know that is even doing it because they ship their girls from place to place so often some people will never see them again. The only way we can totally stop it is  where that .9% comes from is if we have no more humans in the world. Forming a global alliance I think will do nothing the people who run the business’ of human trafficking have no emotions they do not care what other people think so by forming an alliance you would be getting your word out but honestly the leaders of the human traffickers would most likely laugh at it. Honestly there is no way that we can prevent human trafficking what are we going to tell our kids do not talk to strangers but do not we already do that you just have to be smart in life i honestly we can not prevent this issue. Girls just need to be loved more by their family’s and friends so they do not have to feel unwanted making them try to meet new people over the internet.


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