Chris Brown or Rhianna

Chris Brown or Rhianna

I find this very funny that we are talking about this topic because Chris Brown just recently was featured in a song where he dissed Rhianna. He said that she had sex with the whole music industry. I just thought i put that statement out there before i write my opinion. Chris got out of hand that night where they were coming back from an event an Chris got a text from a girl who he was supposedly cheating on Rhianna with that when Chris pulled over Rhianna tossed the keys and Chris hit her so hard she barely could open her eye. My perspective on this is that he made a terrible mistake that night by putting his hands on a women no man should ever touch a female unless they are getting brutally beaten. Chris got off easy in the case because of him being a celebrity and im sure he had one of the best lawyers to get him out big trouble, that’s what yo can do when you have money because money talks. His reputation went down a little bit after that incident I would not say it took a big hit because he was still producing hit singles and top selling albums. Even though he did lose all respect from top names in the music industry like Jay-Z and Drake. I do not have sympathy or frustration towards any of them because i think they both rebounded from this situation with Rhianna being if not the best female artist in 2013 one of the top and Chris Brown was also successful this year. They both got to back together for a short period of time then they split again so Rhianna could not have been that mad at him to get back together with him. Chris Brown did publicly apologize but i do not know if he meant it exactly. If i was to say something to one of them it would have to be Chris and i would say if you have a problem with domestic violence you need to get help because that is not a good view you should be putting on for his fans and even the ones that look up to you as a role model. The reason i would tell him this is because he grew up in a background of domestic violence so maybe it could have rolled off on him.


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