Rape Jokes

First off let me just say that i am a fan of Tosh but what he did that night was totally out of line and i hope he thought about what he said to that young women. I believed that the woman did the right thing by standing up for her self and all of the rape victims out there stuff like this should not not be joked about and she spoke her mind which was the right thing but obviously tosh had more fans on his side so they just laughed and by laughing agreed with him. Well she said in the blog she does not like Dane Cook that much and that mans funny so i think when it comes to regular and non harmful jokes she could lighten up her sense humor a little bit but for the jokes Tosh was saying about rape you she did not need to lighten her sense of humor for. I would not say making rape jokes make us take rape not serious i do not think in the world we take rape as serious as we should but i know a couple of individuals who do so i would not say by joking about it we take it less serious. I just think Tosh needed something to talk about and rape came to his mind and he tried to make jokes about it I do not think he takes rape as joke. Maybe for the women who blog this and for the people who reblogged it rape may become a more serious problem but for the world i do not think it has an effect. I think the implications of this type of behavior are basically women are more easier to joke about and pick on when it comes to women. I also wanted to say one thing if Tosh was talking about a man getting raped would she have did the same thing that she did. So think about that.


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