Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment happens everyday in the world, and I think it is a problem that people do not take as serious in the world because it does not happen nearly as much to men that it does to women.

I have never been a victim of sexual harassment, but i witness sexual harassment a lot. Back home my younger brother who is a sophomore in high school has a clique that who are dogs when it comes to women. Not dogs like treating women bad dogs as in are very sexually active with women. So this one day my brothers friend Ty who is very aggressive with women seen this girl in his school who was a freshmen ans he called to her “yo sexy come over here and talk to a real man” she looked over and laughed at him and Ty took that offensive and started calling her ugly a slut, bitch and all other types of names she was not paying him any attention so he felt disrespected so he picked up a banana peel off the ground and ran up behind her without her looking and put it on her head there was dirt and stuff in it she started crying and ran home and my brother and his friends thought it was funny and i found out by my brother that Ty sees her in school and calls he a cry baby. Ty did not get in trouble for the banana incident but eventually my brother said she went to the principal and said he was bothering her in school a lot and he got suspended. Ty does not care though because if he sees her outside of school he calls her names still.


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