Female Chauvinist Pigs- Ariel Levy

After watching the video the first time i was going to say that i partially agree with what she was saying but after watching them a second time i have to say that i can not agree with what she has said because i honestly do not see what point she was trying to get at for instance in the girls gone wild video I would say about 88% of the girls are drunk when they are on that show which means they are going to do most likely what everyone is shouting out at them. If most of them were sober i guarantee you half of them would not do what they do on that show especially when they are not getting paid for it. The girl who said i cant see anyone who wouldn’t do this unless there a politician must of still been drunk because i do not believe that. Girls Gone Wild is for people who like to get wasted and party hard. On the standard of beauty i think you could say it’s a rare women and a creation because there’s a lot of models who were born pure and there is a lot of models who created there body like that so i would have to say im 50/50 on the standard of beauty. I would have to say I think my vision of a healthy and unhealthy sex culture would differ from Levy and the class reason being i think my views in women are way different from women so something i think would be healthy would be different to the women.


How Body Image Can Make you Feel and Act

Body image became important to me when i was in 7th grade because that’s when i started hanging out with the eighth graders and that’s when the girls started flowing in from left and right so i had to prepare my image as good one so i could keep being successful in doing that. I don’t feel any pressure from society to dress masculine but i think because of the way the society dresses i dress different and because im a athlete i tend to dress bummy most of the time unless im going out to an event. I think If they would of created different types of ads before, yes it would have improved self esteem but because there’s all different types of ads out there that most likely bring peoples self esteem down i don’t think by making one now would change it. I do think the media has an effect on how they’ve made people feel and act but i personally believe if you let the media or anyone get to you your going to have a hard time in life because its all in your head how you feel about the quote my famous saying “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt” should be everyone’s mentality so unless someone physically attacks how you feel you should always feel good about your self.






Its all about what you think of yourself!