Human trafficking


Motherhood vs Feminism



I believe that by Dr.Sears posting that photo he was supporting women. I say this because he is representing in that quote “Are you Mom enough” that women also have strong features about them, because the stereotype of women is that they have no strong parts about them. So yes this is a positive representation for women. I would not say he is anti-feminist at all i just think that he is trying to encourage better parenting and motherhood. Which ever way works best for your parent hood i think you choose but i also think you should try both ways to see which one works better because just doing what every one else is doing is not really trying out parent hood. It is just like when kids are born into a family with a dominant like of a sports team then your kid just like them which he is not a real fan because he is not experiencing the options of all the other teams they are going off of what their family is doing. So if you do not breast feed because most of majority does not like to do it and thinks that is bad then you are not experiencing real parent hood. Everything that needs to be said is said right on that picture i do not think they can explain their point any better then that i have not read the article yet but the picture does a good job bringing up a debate is breast feeding good for parent attachment.The claims being made on motherhood are which is the correct way to parent your child. I just think they both are right like what Grumet said what she does with her boobs should be on her but they should do both though and pick which one they think is best not which one every one likes to do.


My Experience

This is how I experienced my take on menstruation I do not remember how old I was but I had to use the bathroom really bad and my sister was using it so I knocked and she told me to go away but  could not leave because I was going to run in there right when she was done so I stood right outside I heard her get up and I barged in the door I looked in the toilet and it was a red tissue and I asked her was she ok and she laughed at me so I laughed back and all she told me that it happens to every girl its called your period. That’s all she told me I had to learn the rest from my mom later that day. That is when I found out that most girls are not in good moods and that it was for a week. I learned later in life that girls get cramps from their periods and that they find out from their blood. I honestly give women a lot of credit for all of the hard things they go through in life one of them is having a period also giving birth those are two tough things most women go through in their life. But one interesting fact that I learned about women that one of my friends told me was that if you are obese you might not get your period I just thought that was a interesting fact.


Human Trafficking

In our world today i think there is a .9% chance of stopping human trafficking completely. The reason why i say this is because in other countries the government or police does not have a lot of power where they can stop human trafficking completely also there will always be people we do not know that is even doing it because they ship their girls from place to place so often some people will never see them again. The only way we can totally stop it is  where that .9% comes from is if we have no more humans in the world. Forming a global alliance I think will do nothing the people who run the business’ of human trafficking have no emotions they do not care what other people think so by forming an alliance you would be getting your word out but honestly the leaders of the human traffickers would most likely laugh at it. Honestly there is no way that we can prevent human trafficking what are we going to tell our kids do not talk to strangers but do not we already do that you just have to be smart in life i honestly we can not prevent this issue. Girls just need to be loved more by their family’s and friends so they do not have to feel unwanted making them try to meet new people over the internet.



Yes i think domestic violence is a BIG an issue for women they face it almost everyday in all countries. I think there has not been a big increase in domestic violence but a small one because i think that more people are growing up in backgrounds of it which is causing them to take some of these acts when they get older. Yes this very global situation it happens every where i think in other countries it is a really big issue i could not find out where it happens the most but if i had to guess i would think India. The reason i picked India because women do not have that much say over there so men take advantage of them.


Chris Brown or Rhianna

Chris Brown or Rhianna

I find this very funny that we are talking about this topic because Chris Brown just recently was featured in a song where he dissed Rhianna. He said that she had sex with the whole music industry. I just thought i put that statement out there before i write my opinion. Chris got out of hand that night where they were coming back from an event an Chris got a text from a girl who he was supposedly cheating on Rhianna with that when Chris pulled over Rhianna tossed the keys and Chris hit her so hard she barely could open her eye. My perspective on this is that he made a terrible mistake that night by putting his hands on a women no man should ever touch a female unless they are getting brutally beaten. Chris got off easy in the case because of him being a celebrity and im sure he had one of the best lawyers to get him out big trouble, that’s what yo can do when you have money because money talks. His reputation went down a little bit after that incident I would not say it took a big hit because he was still producing hit singles and top selling albums. Even though he did lose all respect from top names in the music industry like Jay-Z and Drake. I do not have sympathy or frustration towards any of them because i think they both rebounded from this situation with Rhianna being if not the best female artist in 2013 one of the top and Chris Brown was also successful this year. They both got to back together for a short period of time then they split again so Rhianna could not have been that mad at him to get back together with him. Chris Brown did publicly apologize but i do not know if he meant it exactly. If i was to say something to one of them it would have to be Chris and i would say if you have a problem with domestic violence you need to get help because that is not a good view you should be putting on for his fans and even the ones that look up to you as a role model. The reason i would tell him this is because he grew up in a background of domestic violence so maybe it could have rolled off on him.


Rape Jokes

First off let me just say that i am a fan of Tosh but what he did that night was totally out of line and i hope he thought about what he said to that young women. I believed that the woman did the right thing by standing up for her self and all of the rape victims out there stuff like this should not not be joked about and she spoke her mind which was the right thing but obviously tosh had more fans on his side so they just laughed and by laughing agreed with him. Well she said in the blog she does not like Dane Cook that much and that mans funny so i think when it comes to regular and non harmful jokes she could lighten up her sense humor a little bit but for the jokes Tosh was saying about rape you she did not need to lighten her sense of humor for. I would not say making rape jokes make us take rape not serious i do not think in the world we take rape as serious as we should but i know a couple of individuals who do so i would not say by joking about it we take it less serious. I just think Tosh needed something to talk about and rape came to his mind and he tried to make jokes about it I do not think he takes rape as joke. Maybe for the women who blog this and for the people who reblogged it rape may become a more serious problem but for the world i do not think it has an effect. I think the implications of this type of behavior are basically women are more easier to joke about and pick on when it comes to women. I also wanted to say one thing if Tosh was talking about a man getting raped would she have did the same thing that she did. So think about that.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment happens everyday in the world, and I think it is a problem that people do not take as serious in the world because it does not happen nearly as much to men that it does to women.

I have never been a victim of sexual harassment, but i witness sexual harassment a lot. Back home my younger brother who is a sophomore in high school has a clique that who are dogs when it comes to women. Not dogs like treating women bad dogs as in are very sexually active with women. So this one day my brothers friend Ty who is very aggressive with women seen this girl in his school who was a freshmen ans he called to her “yo sexy come over here and talk to a real man” she looked over and laughed at him and Ty took that offensive and started calling her ugly a slut, bitch and all other types of names she was not paying him any attention so he felt disrespected so he picked up a banana peel off the ground and ran up behind her without her looking and put it on her head there was dirt and stuff in it she started crying and ran home and my brother and his friends thought it was funny and i found out by my brother that Ty sees her in school and calls he a cry baby. Ty did not get in trouble for the banana incident but eventually my brother said she went to the principal and said he was bothering her in school a lot and he got suspended. Ty does not care though because if he sees her outside of school he calls her names still.


Female Chauvinist Pigs- Ariel Levy

After watching the video the first time i was going to say that i partially agree with what she was saying but after watching them a second time i have to say that i can not agree with what she has said because i honestly do not see what point she was trying to get at for instance in the girls gone wild video I would say about 88% of the girls are drunk when they are on that show which means they are going to do most likely what everyone is shouting out at them. If most of them were sober i guarantee you half of them would not do what they do on that show especially when they are not getting paid for it. The girl who said i cant see anyone who wouldn’t do this unless there a politician must of still been drunk because i do not believe that. Girls Gone Wild is for people who like to get wasted and party hard. On the standard of beauty i think you could say it’s a rare women and a creation because there’s a lot of models who were born pure and there is a lot of models who created there body like that so i would have to say im 50/50 on the standard of beauty. I would have to say I think my vision of a healthy and unhealthy sex culture would differ from Levy and the class reason being i think my views in women are way different from women so something i think would be healthy would be different to the women.